Throne and Liberty offers a rundown of some mid-level bosses, dungeons, and zones that await players


Earlier this month, Throne & Liberty producer Ahn Jong-ok penned a letter to fans that focused mostly on lower level things like a smoother leveling experience, removal of autoplaying functions, and efforts to correct “static combat and boring growth.” Readers might recall that this was the first part of the producer’s letter: Part 2 has since come out as it talks about some of the mid-level content players can look forward to, and this time we can source an English localization on the official western site.

As one might expect from content that most players haven’t had a chance to beta test yet, this letter is less about feedback and more about sizzle. Ahn grants a look at a couple of boss fights, previews some of the other zones like an orc-filled field and a forest full of werewolves, and briefs players on one of the MMORPG’s six-player party instance dungeons, describing them as similar to regular field dungeons but with greater restrictions and a higher level of challenge. All of these activities are noted as things players can expect after level 30.

More previews could be on the way soon according to Ahn, as he notes that there are more adventures that he is eager to share. For now, fans have now gotten a general idea of some later level content to look forward to.

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