Ravendawn heralds high player numbers, acknowledges lag, and shares its first roadmap

I'll take 'Poor Choice Of Words' for 800, Alex.

Earlier this month we saw the Tibia-inspired MMO Ravendawn – the one that’s not a blockchain cesspit – make its free-to-play launch, which is apparently going swimmingly if we take Tavernlight Games’ word for it, as the studio is celebrating high activity and showing off a roadmap.

Ravendawn has apparently been doing numbers on Twitch, with over 1.2M unique views and over 1.5M hours watched in just six days, while the MMO itself has also had player populations that have nearly hit maximum capacity on both the Serafine and Angerhorn servers. Of course, that means that the servers are groaning under the pressure, but lag problems have reportedly been 99% solved by the devs and a fix that addresses server reset lag spikes is promised soon.

On the topic of what’s next, the post shares an overall roadmap of major update plans including a new Northern Steppes region, the return of legacy skills, alchemy and herbalism professions, and guild-centric features like wars, forts, and strongholds. There’s also an undescribed “major content patch” highlighted in the map.

Readers may note that the roadmap has no calendar dates, which is by design, as Tavernlight wants to “under promise and over deliver” on its update goals. However there have been some recent updates, like a ramp-up in land owning buffs last week and a new global chat restriction that limits use of the channel to level 15 characters. Aether stone interactions will also be updated in the coming weeks, while legacy skills likely won’t be coming for another few months.

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