Tibia-inspired MMO Ravendawn launches today – without the NFTs of its sister game


Those looking for a new MMO launch to start the year or a spiritual successor to one of the genre’s oldest titles may want to pay attention to Ravendawn. This top-down 2-D pixelart MMO, inspired by Tibia, went into 1.0 release today with eight swappable classes, a player-driven economy, a political system, open-world housing, and an environment that changes around you.

You may (or may not) recall that Ravendawn is a sister game to RavenQuest, a blockchain-based MMO with NFT sales that sent up warning flares left and right to the larger community. As far as we can tell, this spinoff is free of that suspicious business model but warrants caution because of the studio’s continuing efforts in this field. Fairly warned be ye.

Ravendawn’s game director took the opportunity to welcome new players into this world: “While an MMORPG is never done, and there are always new features we want to add, and balances that are required as meta’s change, and some of those decisions you might not all always agree with, we promise we will work tirelessly to make Ravendawn a passionately developed and special MMORPG experience for you all for years and decades to come.”

Source: Ravendawn
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