As Steam heads off blockchain games, the Epic Games Store welcomes them

At this point in my life, I don't fully understand how cryptocurrency and NFTs work, but there's no shortage of explainers out there, and...

Valve appears to be banning titles with NFT and crypto trading from Steam

Saying that Valve and Steam have some problems is not a hot take. It is more of a lukewarm take, or if you want...

Kingfall is proudly advertising itself as a casual fantasy MMORPG with NFTs attached

Reading the announcement pinned tweet from Kingfall is a journey. The game is coming soon. All right. It's a casual fantasy MMORPG. Hmm, that...
this whale is all of us

$40M of Nexon’s $100M bitcoin investment poofed in the last four months

So Nexon's had an interesting financial quarter. Its revenues for Q2 were down quarter over quarter, in line with expectations. Why? Well, it turns...

Flyff and Rappelz, under new management, are running spring cryptocurrency events

When Gala Lab sent us PR about Rappelz and Flyff earlier today, I did a doubletake. In my brain, both games are still happily...

Blankos Block Party makes more shooting and racing changes and improves the Party Bus feature

The open beta for the multiplayer game-building title Blankos Block Party has gotten another update full of improvements to racing and shooting parties among...

Nine Chronicles is a ‘decentralized’ peer-to-peer blockchain MMO with open source modification features

Admittedly, that headline has a lot of techbro buzzword nonsense in it, so let's try to break down what Nine Chronicles is. At the...

Cryptocurrency-monetized sandbox MMO Ember Sword gets $700K in funding, opens pre-registration

Anyone here remember Ember Sword? It's an upcoming sandbox MMORPG that touts a number of the usual features like PvE and PvP and one...

Voidspace promises a survival MMO where players control the narrative, created items, and even inventions

In the vast majority of survival sandbox titles, creating items means you have to follow a pre-determined path or tree in order to unlock...

New mobile MMO Ember Sword is another cryptocurrency game

Indie developer So Couch Studios is aiming to meld MMORPGs and cryptocurrency in its upcoming Android game Ember Sword. Billed as "the Blockchain MMORPG,"...