Netmarble creates its Marblex blockchain ecosystem in preparation for its arrival to A3 Still Alive

It got worse.

If you were hoping that Netmarble would have read the room and come to its senses regarding cryptocurrency, blockchain, and play-to-earn in the mobile MMO A3: Still Alive, we’re about to dash those hopes against the rocks: The Korean gaming giant is continuing its gleeful Fosse-like dance into blockchain gaming as it announced the creation of its Marblex (MBX) blockchain ecosystem earlier this week.

“MBX, a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain ecosystem, is focused on elevating the excitement of Netmarble games by incorporating blockchain technology. The ecosystem not only encourages organic engagement from players, but also rewards them for their participation.”

This new MBX currency and its related systems will be the churning, smoke-billowing hell engine powering A3’s upcoming dungeon that awards cryptocurrency due for sometime this month. On top of that, Netmarble has also established a blockchain subsidiary that will “seek opportunities to bolster its competitiveness by leveraging the ecosystem for various games and technologies, as well as opportunities in the NFT and Metaverse sector.” So, clearly, it’s maximum burn into a garbage future for this particular company.

source: press release
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