a3 still alive

It got worse.

Netmarble creates its Marblex blockchain ecosystem in preparation for its arrival to A3 Still Alive

If you were hoping that Netmarble would have read the room and come to its senses regarding cryptocurrency, blockchain, and play-to-earn in the mobile...

Mobile MMO A3 Still Alive is adding a dungeon that awards cryptocurrency next month

In a move that publisher Netmarble calls "a prolonged and future-oriented area of investment" that will "provide extensive value to players via digital ownership...
Let it die.

Netmarble promises a bunch of blockchain titles despite their being banned in its home country

Just an FYI if you were starting to forget this or something, Netmarble is a garbage company. There's plenty of reasons to think that,...
It got worse.

A3 Still Alive marks one year of operation with events and a newly opened territory, starts beta testing a PC client

It's been a year since A3: Still Alive, the PvP-centric mobile MMO from Netmarble, made its way to devices in our corner of the...
Let it die.

A3: Still Alive’s latest update adds a mode that pits three guilds against each other for control of a fortress

The fortress added to the mobile MMORPG A3: Still Alive ain't big enough for three guilds. So that means it's time for all sides...

A3 Still Alive’s latest update adds new content, paid content-skipping, and server merge prep

Fans of Netmarble's mobile MMO A3: Still Alive have two major updates to focus their attention on this week. First, there's a slew of...

A3 Still Alive adds a limited-time dungeon, a fifth Soul Linker slot, and new high-level content

What better way to entice people to delve an MMO's dungeon than to make it open for a limited time? That's (probably) the thinking...

A3: Still Alive introduces a new region, adds an offline auto-play feature, and merges servers

There's been yet another sizable update made to Netmarble's mobile MMO A3: Still Alive bringing the globally popular title a variety of new content...

A3: Still Alive crosses 5M global downloads, adds battle royale game mode

Netmarble's A3: Still Alive continues to rip up the charts two months after its launch, and the company is matching the community enthusiasm with...

A3: Still Alive racks up two million downloads, pushes out second update

Launched last November, Netmarble's A3 sought to establish a foothold on the competitive mobile MMO market -- and with two million downloads to date,...

A3: Still Alive introduces a new area, level cap raise, and new PvP content in latest update

A3: Still Alive has recently kicked out its first major post-launch update, which is bringing players of the mobile PvPvE title some new things...

First impressions of Netmarble’s A3 Still Alive: Is it relevant in 2020?

What's going with MMO names these days? First there was V4, and now we have A3. The full title is A3: Still Alive, which...

Mobile PvP MMO A3: Still Alive launches around the globe today

It's part open-world PvP MMO, part battle royale, all mobile title. It's A3: Still Alive and it has officially arrived to both Google Play...

PvP-centric mobile MMO A3: Still Alive confirms a global launch on November 10

We've been covering the arrival of A3: Still Alive a couple of times now, first with its initial reveal in 2019, then with some...

Netmarble opens global preregistration for hybrid mobile MMO A3: Still Alive

We've covered A3 Still Alive a couple of times in the last year, but today, Netmarble has officially confirmed that the game is definitely...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: LiteBringer, SamuTale, IcarusM, Stellar Warfare, Primordials of Amyrion, A3, Raid Shadow Legends, Second Extinction

Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you've probably never heard of (or have entirely forgotten about). LiteBringer: Tibia fans who aren't...

Open PvP MMORPG A3 gets a new battle royale lease on life as mobile MMO A3: Still Alive

Are you familiar with the PC MMORPG A3? Neither am I, but apparently it's something of a PK nightmare with open PvP the second...