A3: Still Alive introduces a new region, adds an offline auto-play feature, and merges servers


There’s been yet another sizable update made to Netmarble’s mobile MMO A3: Still Alive bringing the globally popular title a variety of new content updates and features. One of the major introductions is the region of Somius, featuring new territories, new quests, and the first two floors of a new Corrupt Aselcan Ruins equipment dungeon. The new region also brings a new level cap to 140 along with new equipment, while the update also brings a new raid and a new war zone equipment dungeon.

The other major feature is the addition of Alive Mode, which is essentially an auto-grinding feature that works offline. This new feature can be used in all equipment dungeons across all regions except for those in war zones and will send a variety of push notifications for events like major gear drops or if characters have died, all of which can be adjusted in the game’s settings.

Finally, the latest update has completed some server merging meant to provide “a more pleasant gaming experience.” To celebrate these new servers, A3 is offering a variety of boosts including tripled XP earnings, various boosting items, and a limited-time 300% XP boost that runs between now and February 18th. The game is also celebrating the new release by giving players $150 worth of in-game items by entering the “POWERUPA3” coupon code.

The update has brought several other features like new level caps to Apostle, Skill, and Guild levels, an Awaken system for equipment and accessories, and the ability to switch a 7-Star Legendary Soul Linker to a Level 1 Soul Linker of the same type with the use of in-game currency. The latest changelog has all of the details.

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