Netmarble promises a bunch of blockchain titles despite their being banned in its home country

Nothing says trustworthy like "we have to sell this to foreign markets"

Let it die.

Just an FYI if you were starting to forget this or something, Netmarble is a garbage company. There’s plenty of reasons to think that, but the latest reason du jour is the company’s vigorous and full-throated embrace of blockchain gaming as it promises 14 of its planned 20 titles this year will use blockchain and NFT integration. Only outside of South Korea, though, because this shiz is actually illegal in South Korea, so they can’t get away with it there.

Surely this can in no way be related to other companies running the heck away from this horrible, awful, destructive nonsense.

Known titles included are Everybody’s Marble: Metaworld, which will allow for NFT real estate speculation (something that’s always trustworthy and definitely never a scam to bilk people out of money) and some form of integration with A3: Still Alive, so that’s just absolutely delightful. That last one is promising play-to-earn mechanics, which is a good reason to just not bother paying attention to it any more. Bad Netmarble. No biscuit.

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