A3: Still Alive racks up two million downloads, pushes out second update


Launched last November, Netmarble’s A3 sought to establish a foothold on the competitive mobile MMO market — and with two million downloads to date, it seems to have done something right.

A3 is starting 2021 on a strong note, thanks to a second update that’s gone live. Entangled Borders adds a new time attack mode called Adrasil’s Trial, cross-server guild competitions, three legendary soul linkers, more Dark Lighthouse floors, and a log-in event with lots of freebies to grab.

MOP’s Carlo gave his first impressions of A3 last November, saying, “It’s a decent game; it just came out in the wrong time. It’s difficult for me to recommend this game in 2020 given our other options on mobile right now.”

Source: Press release
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