A3: Still Alive introduces a new area, level cap raise, and new PvP content in latest update


A3: Still Alive has recently kicked out its first major post-launch update, which is bringing players of the mobile PvPvE title some new things to look forward to related to pretty much all of the letters of that acronym.

At the top of the list is the arrival of a new region known as Metium, which brings along with it a new story for players to follow. The game’s max level has also been raised from 100 to 120, with appropriate legendary gear and a new dungeon for players to take on. For PvPers there’s a 1v1 dueling system, a new PvP ranking system, new guild-focused Resource Battle content that lets guilds compete against each other to collect resources and receive various rewards based on their ranking. Finally, there’s a new Shu pet that has been added for level 20 players.

In honor of the newly added Metium region, players can take advantage of a daily login event and a Metium guide mission, allowing players to follow the guide and clear the mission for a variety of rewards. More details on these events can be found on the game’s website, while salient details for the latest update are available in the patch notes. And for those who are curious about this one, you can check out our impressions piece here.

source: press release
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