Legends of Aria’s new owner begins testing NFT system even as crypto crashes globally


Considering how badly crypto currencies and NFTs are crashing all over the globe this week, you would think that game studios would be running in the complete opposite direction, right? Well, ain’t nobody told Legends of Aria, apparently, because the Kickstarted indie MMO just started testing its play-to-earn client.

The closed alpha test for Aria’s crypto model kicked off on May 11th, with beta tests to come in June and July. Eva Codes is helping the studio develop these blockchain systems. This will all be wrapped into Legends of Aria’srelaunch and rebrand” later this year.

“We will be relaunching the game with a focus on delivering the founding vision for LoA, executed alongside new developments, a new playable world, new sandbox content including boats, custom player-housing, upgraded PvP systems, prison systems, and more,” the studio said earlier this month.

The current version of the game will continue as Legends of Aria Classic, though the dwindling players on Reddit and Discord may not be sticking around for that.

The game partnered with Crypto-Guilds for this new venture. The latter explained how the MMO’s business model will function: “In the mythical world of Celador, you can accumulate wealth in the form of gold coins and rare items. The gold coins earned while playing will have a representative value as a cryptocurrency, such that they can be swapped for real money anytime. And, any items you get in the game, even the deed to your house, can be minted as an NFT and resold on the LoA NFT Marketplace at your leisure.”

We reiterate for the record that gamers and game developers do not want any of this.

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