XLGAMES’ NFT-filled ArcheWorld opens for pre-registration and maps out content plans

"Content" here mostly means "NFT releases," however


At the top of February we caught wind of ArcheWorld, a version of XLGAMES’ MMORPG ArcheAge that is filled with a gaggle of NFTs to create “a complete ‘creator economy’ in which users go beyond simply owning the right to an item.” This nebulous and needless promise is repeated with the opening of the game’s official website that offers more buzzword-loaded details about the upcoming game.

The primary blurb on the website describes ArcheWorld as “the first seamless, open-world MMORPG that utilizes NFT based on blockchain technology.” XLGAMES says it “recognize[s] the users’ ownership of various items such as land, houses, pets, vehicles and gears in ArcheWorld by minting them into NFTs.” The game’s primary material is Archeum, which is obtained in gameplay and used in character progression, as well as traded for Blue Salt tokens and other materials “obtained through production and hunt with other users via in-game auction house,” which then can be traded for NFTs. The whole thing is linked to the BORA Etherium blockchain.

Before the game even launches, there are plans to mint Fandom Card NFTs as well as land NFTs, while a pre-registration event promises those who complete certain tasks will get a Fandom Card. One of these cards could potentially grant its holder a spot in a whitelist for land NFTs and upcoming airdrops, with the winner due to be announced on Friday, March 25th, in the game’s official Discord.

ArcheWorld is set to release sometime in the third quarter of this year as part of phase two of its roadmap, after which it will continue to crank out even more NFTs for ships and vehicles and open its related exchange. During phase three, even more NFT nonsense will go live such as the ability to rent land NFTs, a Blue Salt staking system, an NFT marketplace, and gear and character NFTs. There will be actual gameplay releases as well, like new skillsets, Dwarf and Warborn races, and siege content, but not before the game tries to mint and sell things ahead of time. Naturally.

sources: official site (1, 2) via MMO Culture
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