ArcheAge developer XLGames unveils an NFT-filled game launching in July called ArcheWorld


At a media event for Bora, a blockchain and NFT “ecosystem” (isn’t that an ironic use of that word), ArcheAge developer XLGames unveiled plans for a new game that’s just full of NFT nonsense called ArcheWorld. Yes, that’s the actual name.

Back to the game: XLGames’ CEO lauds ArcheWorld’s ability to use blockchain technology to make every crafted item an NFT. “It means a complete ‘creator economy’ in which users go beyond simply owning the right to an item, make quests for the game, make maps, create dungeons, and revise and propose plans,” the CEO is quoted as saying.

It should be pointed out that this game is not the same as ArcheAge 2, which readers will recall was first announced in 2020 (and likely won’t be ready until at least 2024). It’s also not clear how connected the game is to the ArcheAge IP; it could very well be a version of ArcheAge but adapted for blockchain features.

XLGames is planning to release ArcheWorld sometime in July, though it’s unclear how global this launch will be, particularly since blockchain games are banned in South Korea and cryptocurrencies are slowly seeing wider bans worldwide. Regardless, it would appear to be full stupid steam ahead for a potentially worse version of ArcheAge.

source: MMO Culture
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