Open world survivalbox Smalland launches out of early access


One brand-new survival game is attempting to go big — by going very, very small.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds launched out of early access this past week with its Version 1.0 update. The hook here is that players are shrunk down to the size of insects and have to make it in a world much greater than themselves.

“Traverse lake-sized puddles and mountainous trees as you battle against the landscape and elements themselves. Tame and ride monstrous creatures from grasshoppers to geckos in a bid to survive in a harsh and wild world. Play solo or with up to nine friends, with dedicated server support, emotes and more.”

The 1.0 patch includes the new Tyrant’s Perch zone, more story, additional factions to join, a better tutorial, and a combat event system.

Smalland is on sale for a shade under $30 right now and is available on Steam, Epic, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Source: Press release, Steam
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