Australian MP plans to introduce a bill banning lockbox sales to minors

May foulness attend thee.

You may remember back last year that there was some noise made in Australia about banning the sale of video game lootboxes to people under the age of 18. It looks like those recommendations and suggestions were taken to heart, as one of the Australian MPs, Andrew Wilkie, has announced his plan to introduce a bill banning the sale of lootboxes to people under the age of 18 via the country’s video game classification system.

Wilkie described the lockbox situation as “grooming” younger children for later gambling issues, although the text of the bill he intends to introduce has not yet been made public. It would also add a notification when a game contained lockboxes before being sold in the country. Obviously, this is far from the final word on this particular gaming mechanic, but it’s clear that the tide has turned against lockboxes in at least one governmental body.

Also, we are aware of the irony that the primary source has paywalled the story.

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