Black Desert begins Halloween on PC and Guardian pre-creation on console


The middle of the week once more is offering up another gaggle of Black Desert updates, this time for both the PC version of the game and the console version. With that in mind, let’s dive in.

The lion’s share of news comes from the PC version, with another series of events added in the latest update. The Halloween season continues with some thematic boss fights for various rewards along with new rewards for playing for for at least 120 minutes and new event quests; there’s an event celebrating the first anniversary of the Great Expedition and its seafaring features; and the seasonal servers have confirmed the early graduation date of October 21st for those whose seasonal characters have gotten to that point.

The regular update has its own new things added to the game as well, including a new Nightmarish Kzarka fight, a new outfit to earn, the addition of Alustin’s Alchemy Journal to the Adventure Log, and some new oceanic chandeliers that can be crafted from sea monster parts.

Finally, the Guardian class is on her way to the console version and players can begin pre-creating their bespoke Viking-style warrior woman. The latest update also brings Succession for the Musa, Witch, Wizard, and Dark Knight classes, new Rabam skills for the Shai and Hashashin classes, and a restructuring of the game’s menu among other updates.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3, 4), Black Desert console site
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