EVE Online details the timetable for its next Council of Stellar Management election cycle


The 17th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) for EVE Online is going to be decided, and that means that Capsuleers are looking at another election cycle for the player community representative group at the beginning of May.

The process starts with submissions being opened between May 2nd and May 16th, followed by the official CSM campaign period that begins on May 25th, which is also when the candidates will be announced. Voting will run between June 7th and 14th, and the members that make up CSM17 will be announced on June 16th. Several current members of this year’s CSM will be “on cooldown” for a year, meaning they will not be eligible for reconsideration or re-election.

For those who have aspirations of being on CSM17 to try and steer EVE’s development (and possibly be ignored by CCP Games regarding boneheaded monetization schemes), the announcement post details all of the related specifics.

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