Pantheon’s Visionary Realms is working on the ‘building blocks’ of its crafting system


Pantheon’s latest producer letter looks a lot like past letters at this stage in development: heavy on technical news. But you probably expected that if you’re a fan of the in-development MMO who clicked on this article.

Visionary Realms says this month that it’s making “substantial progress on the implementation of [its] proprietary networking solution” and working on the “building blocks of [the] crafting system,” with support for mats and recipes. Testers will soon see the early version of the front-end crafting interface, with a promise from the devs for more info on those systems as they shape up.

“In addition to crafting, design is heads-down reviewing the data and findings from our QA team as they continue to playtest changes to combat. We are in an intense period of balancing at the moment as we work to ensure the play experience lines up with our expectations, and we anticipate this effort to continue into future pre-alpha sessions and beyond. It’s not all number tweaking though, as we continue to further develop our class designs to capitalize on these changes.”

The studio also notes work on Sorhiryth’s art, Wild’s End, ongoing art team hires, and as always, the current alpha roadmap has been updated accordingly.

Source: Newsletter
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