EVE Online’s latest video digest takes a closer look at agent updates and its first narrative arc


EVE Online has put out its latest Pulse news digest video and it has plenty to talk about as part of the game’s “EVE Evolved” initiative. The vast majority of the video’s first half talks up previously discussed visual improvements and overhauls for career agents, while also granting a closer look at the AIR Career Program that guides players down a specific career path.

The video further talked about EVE’s first narrative arc involving the building conflict between the Caldari and Gallente in the Athounon system. Players who want to keep abreast of this in-universe story arc are invited to check out the very Galnet-like EVE Universe website for more information.

The video otherwise talks about the newly appointed CSM, the Gallente Federation Day event, and cash shop advertisements. Meanwhile, CCP Games has been at this for quite a long time, as the devs are celebrating the studio’s 25th anniversary.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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