Aero Tales Online is an anime MMORPG set to arrive to Steam early access on August 2


No matter how big or how small, we’re here to cover ’em all. That’s our creed on this site when it comes to MMOPRG reporting (which is probably on a plaque somewhere), so that’s why we’re offering a look at Aero Tales Online: The World, an upcoming anime-styled MMORPG heading to Steam early access on Tuesday, August 2nd.

So just what is this one bringing to the table? For one, players can swap between action combat or tab-target combat, and at a certain point players will be able to fly around the game’s world to discover new places. Aero Tales also promises events every day like “multiple sudden wars,” ranked arena battles, and raids, or players can pursue some more laid-back pursuits like farming, house decoration, or music playing.

As for early access, developer Anisage states that it will take at least a year, with aspirations to add a new castle war, new weapons, new costumes, new pets, more crafting items, and most importantly “more fun,” which is always a welcome addition to any game.

source: Steam
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