EVE Pulse recounts the Grand Heist, visual updates, and recent events ahead of the series’ fall refresh


Busy followers of EVE Online will be happy to note that the game’s latest episode of EVE Pulse is available for viewing, letting players catch up on the most recent goings-on in New Eden. In this episode, CCP Games draws attention to the Grand Heist update, new visual filters, the game’s 16th CSM, and the Enter the Portal update among other things. The video also provided its usual look at EVE Store packs.

All of this is par for the EVE Pulse course, but this episode also marks the end of the video series in its current format. CCP says the showcase will be returning this fall, promising “big changes” and a more regular release cadence. In the meantime, players can get their bundle of EVE news in the embed after the break.

source: YouTube
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