EVE Online addresses community safety and promises more action to police community behavior

Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

There’s been some drama unfolding in EVE Online recently, the kind of drama that is at once not surprising when you see the cast of characters and also deeply unpleasant. (You can read a summary of recent events over on TAGN.) Obviously CCP Games is not unaware of this burgeoning drama, and as a result the studio has taken the opportunity to speak up regarding the code of conduct around the game and its commitment to the community. The short version is that harassment and inappropriate behavior out of the game is not permitted and is something that CCP pays attention to.

The post outlines that the studio will make sure anyone found behaving in a fashion incompatible with community safety will not be allowed to serve in a community-focused role such as being a part of the CSM, and players who make others feel unwelcome or unsafe at live events will be barred from future attendance. Players are also asked to reach out directly to the studio if they have information regarding harassment or inappropriate behavior related to the game or game relationships, with the promise of more initiatives focused on player safety rolling out this year. So, you know… don’t be a jerk to your fellow players. That feels kind of simple when you say it that way.

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