EVE Online adds mobile observatories and begins CSM 16 voting, EVE Echoes launches exploration


Things are happening in EVE Online. To be fair, things are always happening in EVE Online, but there’s some specifically new things happening, starting off with the launch of mobile observatories to the game proper. These new constructs, as we reported previously, are meant to directly counter cloak-based incursions in lowsec and nullsec space, specifically AFK cloakers, as actively cloaked players will get a buff against the observatory’s pings initially.

In EVE community news, voting for CSM 16 is now open, letting fans decide the player representatives that will work with CCP Games on future updates. Voting is open to all Omega clones with an account that has been around for at least 60 days, and the game is even giving away free gifts as part of a Daily Democracy login event running between now and June 15th. Speaking of in-game events (or things happening in-game specifically), there are now several new stargates open.

Finally, in EVE Echoes news, the Exploration update went live this past Friday after a a small delay. This new update allows players to scan for Nihilus Space and plumb those depths for “epic” rewards, or use scanning technology to track down other Capsuleers.

sources: EVE Online website (1, 2, 3), YouTube
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