EVE Online adjusts nullification and warp core stabilizers, tests a tool to counteract cloaked campers

Not water.

Capsuleers of EVE Online that like to be sneaky out in space are going to want to take notice of some changes to the game. The latest update has made changes to nullification and warp core stabilizers, turning them from passive features in certain ships to active modules that run for a very short time and feature long cooldowns. According to the update post, this is meant to “bring gameplay depth and subtlety to the use of nullification and warp core stabilizers, ensuring they serve a more meaningful role across EVE Online and its community.” These updates are live now, and there’s even been a couple of notable revisions

Meanwhile, there’s a new deployable known as the Mobile Observatory that’s available in the game’s test environment that will send out system-wide pings that can possibly decloak cloaked ships, allowing them to be combat scanned and destroyed. To prevent this from having a major effect on active players, players that have recently activated a cloak will get a buff that offers resistance against the Mobile Observatory. Fellow blogger Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob took these new modules for a spin; you can read his thoughts on them here.

sources: official site (1, 2), official forums, The Ancient Gaming Noob

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Wilhelm Arcturus

CCP pushed today’s update with almost indecent haste, as demonstrated by the issues and lack of documentation. I am not sure why they were in such a hurry, but I suspect that the will be as quick with the mobile observatories, if they can get the artwork together for it.