Runes of Magic celebrates 15 years with ‘festive artillery’ minigame as it revises 2024 update plans


Happy 15th birthday, Runes of Magic! Runewaker’s Gameforge-published MMORPG is hosting a party for its players to mark the western version’s new milestone by launching an all-new minigame for players to enjoy. And what could celebrate 15 years of operation better than “festive artillery”?

You read that right: Players are invited to speak with one of three special goblin NPCs to hop inside a festive artillery vehicle, then use that vehicle to blow up as many goblins as possible within the limited time frame. Naturally taking out more goblins grants more points, which in turn grants more rewards, but players are also warned that some goblins will deduct points.

In addition to festive heavy ordinance, the latest patch has returned a long list of recurring activities, fixed several bugs, and made adjustments to peak experience earnings that were promised by the publisher earlier. Speaking of those adjustments, ROM’s product manager is back with an updated letter that details tweaks to those earlier 2024 update plans, including further changes to Timeless I and II, mystic altar updates, class balancing, and world boss updates.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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