Runes of Magic celebrates the spring and Easter season with events running through April


It’s said that April showers bring May flowers, but for Runes of Magic players, the month of April is bringing a shower of events and boosts. And yes, it felt as bad to write that goofy lede as it did to read it. I’m so very sorry.

On point: The springtime celebration has already begun with boosts to XP, TP, and drop rates between now and April 4th, as well as some daily goodies to gather from in-game mail during the same time period. There are also extra part drops available to collect in all Mirror instances from now until April 11th.

Finally, players will be able to get set skills from certain areas more easily during the month of April: Set skill earnings can be gained from Ice Blade Plateau and Vale of Rites between April 1st and 14th, while Bone Peak and the Crypt of Eternity will see this bonus applied between April 15th and 28th. In short, the spring season has plenty of goodies blooming across the in-game fields. Ugh, that was a terrible metaphor too.

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