MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Under A Rock, Farworld Pioneers, Cyborg Immortal


Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs you’ve probably never heard of (but if you have, awesome!).

Under a Rock

If you’re not living under a rock, well, you should be… Gameforge’s Under a Rock, that is. It’s a multiplayer survival title from Nordic Trolls, published under the Gameforge banner and sporting online co-op. It’s not quite in early access yet, but it looks adorable, with gliding, grappling, climbing, swimming, and of course, critter-riding to accompany that Disney-esque art style.

Farworld Pioneers

This Igloosofl/tinyBuild survival game has been lingering on our list to look at for ages. Farworld Pioneers is an open-world sidescrolling retro sandbox with a sci-fi flair, promising everything from crafting and farming to recruitable NPCs and full-on PvP. Steam reviews are mixed right now, chiefly complaining about bugs.

Cyborg Immortal

Finally, Cyborg Immortal is brand-new to our notice just this week, and fans of Realm of the Mad God ought to take note, because it’s a rare bullet hell MMO that just so happens to be aimed at mobile players. SB Games is running an open beta on Google Play this very weekend (starting February 2nd, 2024).

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