Wizard101 expands its Steam offering and localization to European players


It’s the rare MMORPG that hasn’t made its way to Steam by now, but we’re adding another one to the list: kid-friendly MMO Wizard101.

But Bree, you say, Wizard101 is already on Steam. It’s been on Steam since 2018. You even wrote the article about it. And to that I say, you are correct and also very good at searching MOP!

But apparently, that was explicitly an American-centric version of the game; players have been begging KingIsle to expand its Steam offerings to other regions so players can access it through Steam – and through Steam’s payment options. Don’t take my word for it; take your search skills over to Google and type in “Wizard101 Steam Europe” and feast your eyes on dozens of Steam community and Reddit threads frustrated over the Steam region situation and their need to use a VPN to access the Gameforge-run EU servers.

In any case, that’s all over now, as today the company has released Wizard101 on Steam globally; it now joins its sibling, Pirate101, which hit Steam last year.

“Developed by KingsIsle Entertainment, Wizard101 has been enjoyed by people of all ages. KingsIsle takes great pride in providing a safe space for young players to enjoy a fun online experience free from internet toxicity. Now, for the first time on Steam, European players can enjoy this positive gaming environment alongside their international friends, as Wizard101 also adds localization for UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Greek, and Polish.”

Source: Press release, Steam
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