Pirate101 launches on Steam today with the Sinbad Chapter 2 update


It’s launch day for Pirate101! OK, not exactly. Pirate101 launched in 2012. But it’s launching on Steam today, as KingsIsle brings the family-friendly pirate MMORPG to Valve’s platform in search of new recruits, the same way it brought Wizard101 to Steam five years ago. And along with the Steam release, the game’s seen its promised new update, dubbed Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus.

“In addition to launching on Steam, Pirate101 has also received a new content update titled Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus that extends the Sinbad story that began last year and adds two new companions, Sinbad and Albano, to help you along your skyway adventures. Pirates will also be pitted against an overpowered Dreadnaught, a commandeered armada assault ship. For any daring Pirates, don’t underestimate the power of this ship! If players are brave enough, the rewards for defeating the Dreadnaught include mighty new weapons to use in future battles.”

We chatted with the devs about the relaunch and the game’s outlook for the future just a few weeks ago; the new trailer is tucked below.

Source: Steam, patch notes, press release
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