Wizard101 turns 10, plans Steam launch and huge party

Wizard101’s 10th birthday is upon us, which means there’s a whole ton of people right now in college feeling all the nostalgia about the MMO their parents let them play as pre-tweens. Thankfully, they can log back in and take part in the festivities – there’s even a special quest to go along with the cake and minipets.

KingsIsle Senior Producer of MMO Content Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben has penned a positively ginormous producer letter this week to usher in the anniversary; not only does it recap the game’s history, but it reiterates its plan to hop over to Steam.

“We recently announced that we’ll be celebrating our tenth birthday by launching on Steam! I’ll direct you to our FAQ for all the details. I will mention that only newly created accounts can log in through Steam, but you can purchase gift cards with Steam funds that can be used by any account, Steam or non-Steam. We’re excited to bring Wizard101 to a new venue and let more people experience the Spiral!”

Source: Producer letter, official site, Steam

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Castagere Shaikura

Great game parents beware though. Your kids will want everything in the store.

Chosenxeno .

This game is awesome. Played it a few years ago. Pirate is arguably better. Great Casual MMORPGs.

And stop giving SWTOR the credit for being the 1st Fully Voiced MMORPG. Wiz 101 did it 1st!