A German publisher that runs numerous games all over the world.

SoulWorker offers increased XP and item drops after a rocky EU server merge

So the EU server merge -- excuse me, server fusion -- that we reported on this past July has come and gone. Unfortunately,...

SoulWorker is merging all European servers into one shard

There's a bit of a joke in the Massively OP office about how studios keep trying to top each other in coming up with...

Aion’s European version releases 7.0 update with new region and Artist spec

Happy patch day, Aion folks eastward across the pond! Gameforge has dropped the entirety of the 7.0 update upon you today with...

MMO Cartographer: Visiting Runes of Magic for its 10th anniversary

Runes of Magic turned 10 earlier this year, and when I saw a 10-year-old screenshot come up in my Facebook memories, I...

The Daily Grind: What makes you dismiss an MMO without ever trying it?

I would say that I'm generally -- generally -- a fairly open person when it comes to trying out MMORPGs and other games. I...

Guardians of Ember kicks off its do-over open beta with more localization support

No, your mind isn't slipping and the Matrix is not glitching; Guardians of Ember has just gone into open beta. Again. You might...

Runes of Magic celebrates its 10th anniversary with in-game events and exclusive gifts

A week from today, free-to-play fantasy MMO Runes of Magic will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the folks at Runewaker Entertainment...

TERA Europe is planning to launch a classic server

Is TERA ripe for a classic server experience? Gameforge apparently thinks so, as the European operator announced that it will be rolling...

Guardians of Ember looks for a second chance as it starts closed beta testing

Will the second time around prove more successful than the first? That's what Gameforge is hoping with Guardians of Ember. You may recall this...
You know what would be neat? Adults. Having adult characters.

SoulWorker Online improves Lilly’s character advancement with its newest patch

It's time for Lilly to get some new tricks in SoulWorker Online. Sure, she's still hopping around with a scythe, but why not...

SoulWorker addresses PvP, login rewards, and the future of the game

Yesterday, the folks at GameForge posted a new Q&A video that was recorded during Gamescom 2018, in which SoulWorker Product Manager Noemi...

SoulWorker update introduces the new and challenging Primal Raid

A brand-new challenge awaits players of Gameforge's anime-action MMO SoulWorker, as its latest update introduced the new Primal Raid. Billed in the...

SoulWorker update adds new dungeons, quests, and class advancement

Gameforge, in conjunction with developer Lion Games, has released a major new update for its post-apocalyptic anime-action MMO SoulWorker, adding a...
As opposed to working with souls offline.

SoulWorker prepares for new dungeons, a new city, and new Haru advancement

Everbody's working for souls in SoulWorker. Probably. Why else would that be the game's title? (Yes, because the weapons the characters use are...
Oh, this again.

Wild Buster is back as Champions of Titan under a new publisher

Remember Wild Buster? Back in February, Valve booted its publisher, Insel Games, off Steam, accusing it of review manipulation after a dev...

Runewaker’s Guardians of Ember is getting a relaunch in the west thanks to Gameforge

It's been a weird 2018 for Guardians of Ember. Back in February, Valve booted its publisher, Insel Games, off Steam, citing review...

Soulworker patches in new playable character Jin, new endgame raid

SoulWorker's getting a new toon today, marking the fifth playable character in the anime MMORPG. Who is he? Jin Seipatsu, a "courageous...

SoulWorker makes some of its cash shop items tradable

It's hard to say how SoulWorker Online is doing in its first month of release here in the west. It's certainly an...

Aion Europe prepares for server merges later this month

The merges are coming! The merges are coming! Aion Europe players have under two weeks to prepare for merges designed to "populate Atreia...

SoulWorker Online leaves open beta, preps for release [Update: It’s launched!]

Say farewell to SoulWorker Online's open beta -- and hello to release! Gameforge announced that the import has wrapped up its one-month-plus...