Aion EU kicks off 14th anniversary celebrations, Aion Classic NA preps a server merge


Original Flavor Aion is coming up on a big birthday that’s gonna make you feel damn old if you remember when the game came out and was one of the bigs for a hot minute. Yep, Aion’s North American and European versions launched September 22nd, 2009, and that means it’s time to party!

In Europe, anyway. NCsoft’s North American branch of Aion has yet to announce an anniversary rollout, though we are sure it’s coming. Right now, the NA devs are working on the planned Aion Classic server merges, which are set for September 19th and effectively merge Nezekan into Siel.

But over in Gameforge’s EU version, the festivities have already begun and run through October 11th. The Dreamscape Festival is open:

“Enjoy the festivities, have a friendly chat with the heroes of the opposing faction, receive loads of XP, fight your way through a solo instance and get rewarded – and this is how it works: Once you’ve reached level 76 or higher, enter the Dreamscape using the ‘Big Wheel’ in the Gelkmaros Fortress or Inggison Illusion Fortress. No, you’re not dreaming! In the Dreamscape, you automatically gain 750,000 XP – per minute, and even more with the right items. You can even chat to players from the opposing faction here, as well as find the entrance to the ‘Trillonerk’s Secret Gold Vault’ solo instance.”

Happy 14th, Aion.

Source: Aion EU, Aion NA
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