Black Desert PC ends one-sided guild wardecs, tinkers with Great Ocean content


Black Desert PC’s latest update clocks in at over 1GB, so you know it’s worth your while – especially if you’re a guild PvPer. That’s because this week’s release finally fixed guild wars so that both sides have to declare war before bloody battles can commence – no more unilateral wardecs for griefing purposes. That also means Pearl Abyss has removed the declaration fee and the cooldown restrictions too, and all of the existing one-sided wardecs have been canceled.

The patch further tweaked cooldown periods when server-switching, added karma sharing across player family, changed Marni’s Realm resets, allowed mounts to be callable when you’re moving (but not in combat). There are also major changes for multiple classes; most notably, Valkyries saw a nerf and revamp to make them more knightly, while the Witch/Wizard got a solid round of buffs.

And finally, the studio is working on fixing some issues with water content. “After conducting a thorough review, we discovered that the UI was originally designed for use on land and was triggered when a character entered a puddle or a river,” PA writes. “As a solution, we are currently developing a new terrain type exclusively for maritime use, called the Great Ocean. When this patch is implemented, the terrain will seamlessly transit from shallow waters to the open ocean when entering deeper waters, and the movement speed will be fully applied.”

Source: Patch notes
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