Gameforge delays Aion EU’s ‘Classic 2.0’ release a month to give players ‘more time to fully enjoy the current version’


Back in May, Aion EU shared a 2023 roadmap that featured plans for “Classic 2.0” to launch at the end of this month. However, it looks like Gameforge has elected to kick that can a little further down the street and make that update to Classic in August instead.

“After reviewing your feedback and analyzing the data that we have been able to collect since the launch of Aion Classic, we came to the conclusion that you could use a little more time to fully enjoy the current version of the game,” reads the announcement. “We still want a decent pace for Classic updates but we also want to let you enjoy the content of each update as best as possible.”

For those who don’t recall, Classic 2.0 will basically move the server forward in time, with a level cap raise to 55 that brings all of the subsequent new gear and skill levels for crafting and gathering, new regions with Inggison and Gelkmaros, and several more PvE and PvP instances. Only now that step ahead is slightly being delayed for the playerbase’s benefit.

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