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Aion Classic EU brings the chainblade-swinging Revenant and new dungeons in its latest patch

Swords are generally considered melee weapons that work better when they stay inside of the wielder's hand. The Revenant class that gives its name...

Aion Classic EU confirms Executioner class, new instances, and level cap raise for the first half of 2024

The roadmap bug continues to proliferate across our genre, as Aion Classic EU shared its own 2024 roadmap last month in snazzy video format,...

Aion Retail and Aion Classic kick off a truckload of winter holiday events for NA and EU players

The Christmas festivities have arrived like an absolute avalanche to Aion, so regardless of which region or server type you're on, there are a...

Aion Classic EU brings on new instances and mechanics with the Lady Siel’s Call update

What does Lady Siel's Call sound like? We're going to guess like some kind of extremely fancy duck, but it's probably more like whatever...

Aion Classic EU tasks players with helping the Pumpkin Kings save Halloween in latest event

It's trick or treat time in the EU version of Aion Classic! That means Halloween treats for those who help each faction's Pumpkin King...

Aion Classic EU summons the Storm in Balaurea with today’s 2.0 update

A storm has arrived to players of Aion Classic EU, but not the meteorological kind; it's a storm of content! Presumably, anyway. One way...

Gameforge delays Aion EU’s ‘Classic 2.0’ release a month to give players ‘more time to fully enjoy the current version’

Back in May, Aion EU shared a 2023 roadmap that featured plans for "Classic 2.0" to launch at the end of this month. However,...

Aion EU teases the arrival of its own version of Aion Classic

Players of Aion here in North America have been playing a classic version of the MMORPG for a while now - since last June,...
Somebody thinks that's neat!

Aion EU previews more PvP and a new character sprint event for patch 8.3

Are you looking forward to Aion patch 8.3 on the EU servers? If your answer is "no, I stopped playing that game ages ago,"...

Aion Europe gets Abyss update on April 27

Aion's Abyss continues to be a source of great conflict in the game, a fact that won't change when Update 4.91 comes to the...