Aion Classic EU tasks players with helping the Pumpkin Kings save Halloween in latest event


It’s trick or treat time in the EU version of Aion Classic! That means Halloween treats for those who help each faction’s Pumpkin King and thwart the villainous Shulack Sugarcrooks who stole some lollipops and lost them across the game’s realm. It sounds pretty cartoonish, but then this sort of seasonal event is the best time for less-serious matters.

From now until November 8th, Elyian and Asmodian players can go to their respective faction’s Pumpkin King to receive quests to hunt down the Sugarcrooks and find lollipops from monsters within various instances across Atreia, while another NPC will grant players a little devil pet that they can hatch and then feed with special items dropped from monsters for event bundles and currency.

This event currency can be turned in to engage a special quest for costume items, while those who complete Pumpkin King quests will get a special lantern item and a seasonal gift box. Those who are looking to get more details on all of the Halloween fun, including a list of all of the rewards waiting within, can read up on the announcement post.

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