Aion Classic EU brings on new instances and mechanics with the Lady Siel’s Call update


What does Lady Siel’s Call sound like? We’re going to guess like some kind of extremely fancy duck, but it’s probably more like whatever sound effects ring out in Aion Classic EU when players hop into the recently launched titular update. But they still might want to keep their ears open for fancy duck calls.

This latest content patch brings forth a host of promised features including five new instances like the timed treasure hunt of the Deathly Chamber, a pair of solo instances, and the Empyrean Crucible arena challenge, to name a few.

The patch has also introduced a couple of new mechanics in the form of Sanctification that adds extra stats and effects to specific items and the combat talent system that quantifies a characters’ ability based on stats and equipped items. The patch has added further updates like more bosses in Balaurea and adjustments to items, quests, and fortress battle content. The patch notes offer all of the gritty details.

source: press release, patch notes
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