Aion EU previews more PvP and a new character sprint event for patch 8.3

Somebody thinks that's neat!

Are you looking forward to Aion patch 8.3 on the EU servers? If your answer is “no, I stopped playing that game ages ago,” you might be interested to know that you are very specifically being served with this update thanks to the addition of the new character sprint addition. Log in, make a character who’s already at level 80 with nice equipment. But it’s all right, there is still stuff to do even after you grab that particular carrot dangling in front of you. After all, don’t you want to take part in beefier PvP?

To be clear, that doesn’t mean PvP will now feature a large number of cows; that means that the game is ripping out a bunch of its PvP mode and replacing them with Hero PvP in which you choose a role-specific kitted-up character to take into battle. There’s also a world raid, the Fight for Justice in which you fight on behalf of the Reian tribe. Add in a new treasure hunt and hopefully you are looking forward to patch 8.3 at this point. If so, hey, good news, it’s coming soon! If not… well, back to the drawing board.

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