Fractured Veil previews visual updates made to starting locations and a new base item


Players of the zombie survivalbox Fractured Veil are likely very familiar with the Thorcon Power Plant, which serves as a social hub and the spawning area for new players. However, those players should be prepared for a visual makeover coming to the location, which has been previewed in video form.

There’s not much more to say about this sneak peek, as it generally showcases some new visual additions to the space: There are more decorations, more stalls and furnishing items, more dangly light strings, and in a few cases a new fresh coat of paint for certain walls. Also, palm trees. Because Hawaii.

In addition to the Thorcon facelift, a preview post on Steam is also showing off “a fresh coat of slime” on the sewer dungeon as well as the creation of a backer-requested base item. The post further comments on the growing number of testers for the title, as well as other upcoming features like talents and server travel.

sources: YouTube, Steam
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