Shroud of the Avatar continues releasing zone maps and preps a Richard Garriott birthday stream


Last weekend saw another update for Shroud of the Avatar, which once again focuses primarily on adjusting, tuning, and fixing existing content, as well as creating maps for the game’s zones in its ongoing cartography project.

The features of this patch are generally pretty granular, like making certain keys destroyable as intended, adding missing debuff icons, and a long list of targeted fixes for various quests currently in the MMORPG. The cartography project has also pushed forward, with maps for 10 more locations.

The rest of the newsletter for this month calls attention to the usual swath of subscriber freebies and cash shop items, and also heralds a birthday stream in honor of Richard Garriott on Friday, July 7th, when the devs will be talking about the latest release, answering player questions, and giving away prizes to entrants who either make a cash shop purchase or type a message in the game’s chat.

Garriott himself is not slated to be in attendance, presumably because he’s still involving himself with the doomed Titanic sub matter. Incidentally, Garriott’s Explorer’s Club highlighted a fluff piece about its involvement in the sub’s search and issued a statement saying that the club will push on in Hamish Harding’s honor.

sources: official site, Twitter, thanks to Mothballshow for the tip!
Longtime MOP readers will know that Shroud of the Avatar is a controversial game in the MMO space. Kickstarted in 2013, the project has been criticized for cutting promised features, crowdfunding excessively, delaying Kickstarter rewards, obfuscating its corporate leadership and office status, and neglecting SEC filings legally required by the game’s equity crowdfunding. In 2019, Richard Garriott company Portalarium sold SOTA to its lead dev and all but exited the game. Press inquires were met with stonewalling and insults, and equity crowdfund investors were abandoned without notice or any semblance of accountability; moreover, the groups are now building a blockchain MMO. SOTA itself does still have a tiny playerbase and is technically still receiving minimal development.
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