Albion Online is celebrating six years with a returning event and cash shop sales next week


This month will mark the sixth year of operation for PvP sandbox Albion Online, which means that there’s some in-game celebrating to do. And what’s an anniversary party without giant statues coming to life and going on a murder-fueled rampage?

That’s right, the Living Legacy event that heralded last year’s anniversary is coming back for this year, starting on July 12th on Albion East and July 13th on Albion West. This event will run for a total of two weeks on each server, with multiple statues of different sizes and difficulties once again roaming Tier 5 and higher lands for players to put down. Rewards for this year’s event include a new celebratory mount skin, an Anniversary Cake item that grants a temporary fame buff, and the Chromacannon, while extra goodies can be gained from simply logging in during the span of the event.

The other half of this year’s anniversary will be a vanity sale in the cash shop starting on July 10th, with discounts of up to 33% on a different vanity bundle or mount skin every day for two weeks. So if you’re eager to buy a wanted cosmetic or ready to bonk on a statue’s ankles, next week has got you covered.

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