Aion Classic EU announces 2.0 Storm in Balaurea with new zones, instances, and a level cap bump


European Aion players, ready your wings, as Gameforge is rolling out Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea to Aion Classic at some point in what’s left of the summer. “This version of Update 2.0 is unique to the EU region, with significantly more content and quality-of-life improvements than were available for other regions at this stage,” the company says. The presser promises six level 51+ PvE instances and three PvP instances baked into the update.

“Content Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea, planned for release later this summer, raises the level cap for all heroes to 55. This significant milestone empowers players of both the Asmodian and Elyos factions to engage in an epic battle against the formidable Balaur, a powerful dragon-like race. Asmodians and Elyos of levels higher than 50 now have the opportunity to venture into the perilous new zones of Balaurea. In addition to new equipment, this update will provide more levels for crafting and gathering skills as players continue their adventures. With Storm in Balaurea, Gameforge is also reintroducing several PvE and PvP instances that are very popular with fans.”

Gameforge further promises update 2.4 this fall and update 2.5 in winter, both including more old and new instances.

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