Albion Online’s new legendary items will be one-of-a-kind craftables with unique histories


Albion Online’s next big update is already set to be loaded with new content, and Sandbox Interactive is previewing yet another chunk of it today with the reveal of awakened and legendary items.

“The goal for legendary items is to add something to Albion that up until now has been missing from a truly magical fantasy world: unique, one-of-a-kind items that cannot be mass-produced and have a history of their own,” SBI’s Robin Henkys says. “In true Albion style, we don’t want these items to be pre-designed. Instead, we want their creation to be driven by you, the players.”

Legendaries will be created in a two-step process; players will first have to awaken their pristine enchanted weapons, thereby creating unique modified items – with special glowy effects. “As weapons gain more powerful traits, their legendary rating increases,” the studio says. But before you exclaim, “LOTRO did it,” just remember that this is Albion, so weapons can decay and be lost in PvP, meaning their legend can grow as the items navigate the playerbase.

“This also increases the likelihood of it being lost or destroyed on death. Lost items can return to the game as loot, with their creator’s name attached. They can then be further attuned, with further players adding their name to [the weapons’] history.”

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