Gameforge’s Aion Classic announces 2.4 Stormwing’s Revenge for EU players


Gameforge is continuing to get the jump on Aion Classic updates, as today it announced the European version’s 2.4 Stormwing’s Revenge. There’s no launch date, just a promise of “soon” for the update, which includes a level cap lift to 55, two PvE instances, a PvP instance, and new weaponry.

The NA Aion website has no mention of this update yet (although it does include a blog post dated six days into the future, so that’s interesting). The biggest news for the NA version of the core game is the server merges and season 29 Daeva pass from last month; its Twitter account has been silent since August 24th.

Here’s what Aion Classic EU fans can expect:

Liberated Beshmundir Temple (PvE instance) – Another PvE instance, the Liberated Beshmundir Temple, will become available, which involves battling the eponymous—once imprisoned—Stormwing in another dimension and drops new ghoulish-blue Liberated Stormwing weapons for the trouble.

Abyssal Splinter (PvE instance) – The Abyssal Splinter, the top-level fortress chamber, accepts up to 12 players and can be entered when occupying the Divine Fortress. As an alliance-type instance, various rewards can be obtained, but clearing it will certainly require teamwork and serious effort.

Arena of Glory (PvP instance) – The Arena of Glory is a battlefield where the strongest who have proven their worth in the Arena of Discipline/Cooperation gather and fight it out in an all-out brawl for glory and rewards. As players progress through the Arena of Glory, they can earn Abyss Points and Symbols of Glory according to their ranking.

Upgrade to Greatness – Unleash the Storm Within! – Prepare to revolutionize your combat experience in version 2.4 and beyond with the groundbreaking Liberated Stormwing weapons! These mighty weapons will empower players to chart their own path to glory, wielding attributes that resonate with their character’s unique journey. “

Source: Press release
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