A German publisher that runs numerous games all over the world.

SoulWorker Online begins selling subs, responds to outcry over energy system P2W

SoulWorker is technically in open beta on paper; it isn't supposed to truly launch until later this quarter. It hit Steam at...
Play soulo?

SoulWorker Online opens its cash shop

We already know that SoulWorker Online will not be wiping characters before its full launch, and now we find that the game is...
Working for the weekend.

SoulWorker Online will not wipe servers but will apparently be IP blocked

There are certain expectations you have when a free-to-play game is in open beta with a full launch planned for later. For example, you...

Soulworker Online’s open beta launches today on Steam

Here it comes! Korean cel-shaded action MMO SoulWorker Online - just SoulWorker now - is launching beta in the west today after its...

Free-to-play Korean import Soulworker Online launches forums on the road to the west

Back in November, MMO gamers were bummed to find out that Soulworker's western rollout had been delayed into the first quarter of the...

The Stream Team: Peeking into NosTale

What is NosTale? Massively OP's MJ aims to find out! She's prying the doors open and sneaking in... oh, ok -- so the anime...

2006 Korean anime MMO NosTale has landed on Steam

Last month, we mentioned in passing an ancient anime MMO by Korean studio Entwell called NosTale, which Germany's Gameforge apparently resurrected a...

Runes of Magic prepares to merge servers in the US and Europe this month

Runes of Magic fans, get ready: Server merges are on the way. Gameforge says it's merging all of its English, German, American and...

MMOs you’ve never heard of: NosTale, Aeon Rivals, War of Conquest, War40K Inquisitor Martyr

Welcome back to our intermittent series on MMOs and other multiplayer games you you've never heard of! Tonight we have four titles to...

SoulWorker is readying for beta in North America at the end of 2017

When you see the title SoulWorker, does your brain immediately re-translate it to "Social Worker" and picture an MMO wherein you spend your...
Saber. It begins with a bloody S.

TERA’s EU branch claims player numbers have ‘risen massively’

We see a lot of odd press releases around here, many of them loaded with vague commentary on how well a game is doing...

HEX and Gameforge are parting ways

HEX Entertainment released a newsletter today announcing that its TCG HEX: Shards of Fate will return to self-publishing. As publisher, Gameforge has been...
Well all right, then.

Gameforge is hit with layoffs as the company turns away from mobile gaming

German company Gameforge was recently hit with a round of layoffs as the company shifts its development efforts away from mobile. Yes, you...

NCsoft previews Aion 5.1 for EU with new instances and battlefields

If you're thinking, hey, didn't Aion just put out a patch like 10 days ago, then congratulate your memory on retaining that...
This is all good.

EU Aion 5.0 offers more character customization at beginning and end game

Aion 5.0 Lost Memories not only brings new instances, new regions, and new quests to the EU but also introduces a new...

Here’s how TERA’s European server merges will go down

Players of the European version of TERA, it's time to prepare for a big wave of server merges planned for the end...
Sometimes despite its best efforts.

Peek into EU Aion 5.0’s new dungeons

While Aion's 5.0 expansion, Echos of Eternity launched in NA earlier this month, Aion 5.0: Lost Memories will launch in EU...

HEX has purged inactive accounts, but don’t despair yet

If you woke up this morning to an email in your inbox telling you your HEX account has been permanently deleted, you're...

Gameforge confirms western plans for SoulWorker Online

Last week's rumors are now locked in and official: SoulWorker Online is definitely coming westward thanks to a cooperative partnership between Gameforge...

The MOP Up: GTA Online makes every bullet count (December 13, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...