A German publisher that runs numerous games all over the world.

Runes of Magic plans an August filled with bonus drops and extra expies

It turns out it's been 115 days since we last talked about Runes of Magic, an unintended slight for an MMO that once commanded...

SoulWorker Anime Legends is available now for mobile devices

If you really enjoy SoulWorker Online but find yourself frustrated that there are times when you have to be away from your desktop and...

The MOP Up: COVID-19’s digital silver lining

While the COVID-19 epidemic has been nine types of awful over the last half-year, video game studios and publishers aren't complaining quite as loud...

SoulWorker introduces a new high-level raid in its recent update

Yesterday saw the action MMO SoulWorker kick out a new update that has something for the high-level player: a new raid. Players level 65...

TERA dons Little Red Riding Hood costumes for PC anniversary as Gameforge takes on Russian publishing

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Certainly not many of the classes in TERA, especially those that wield weapons as large as their...

MMORTS hybrid Kingdom Under Fire 2 adds Grave of Time update, is F2P this weekend

Kingdom Under Fire 2, the long delayed entry in a much-loved franchise, rolled out in the west under the Gameforge banner last November, a...

The MOP Up: Runes of Magic helps you catch up

You might or might not be aware that last December, Runes of Magic rolled out new "catch up" servers that allow players to level...

Guardians of Ember is sunsetting once again as Gameforge and Runewaker drop contract

Do you folks remember a few years ago when Guardians of Ember launched? It was an isometric hack-and-slash MMO built by Runewaker (you know...

TERA’s SEA servers emigrate from Playwith to Gameforge this week

Tomorrow's moving day for TERA players in the Southeast Asian region, as publisher Playwith is transferring its arm of the MMORPG over to Gameforge...

Not So Massively: Kingdom Under Fire 2 is ambitious, unique, and deeply flawed

When I first heard about Kingdom Under Fire II by publisher Gameforge, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard that it combined elements...

Gameforge’s Ultimate Pirates issues a letter of marquee to all gamers

Dead men may tell no tales, but Gameforge is alive and trumpeting the release of its newest multiplayer online pirate title. Today, the company...

Gameforge’s Kingdom Under Fire 2 has officially launched today in NA and EU

Developer Blueside and publisher Gameforge are dropping Kingdom Under Fire 2 for western players today, treating us to a new entry in a franchise...

Kingdom Under Fire 2 drums up hype for its launch with a pre-release event in a German castle

It appears that publisher Gameforge is getting super serious about the impending western launch of Kingdom Under Fire 2. As in "rent out space...
There are some who call me... big.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 prepares for its Western release with several class videos

When you hear the classes for the MMO Kingdom Under Fire 2, you probably can guess which one does what; there are only so...

Runes of Magic is now fully integrated into Gameforge’s website

Runes of Magic has now been completely eaten and digested enfolded into the Gameforge website as of today, giving the MMORPG a new home...

SoulWorker offers increased XP and item drops after a rocky EU server merge

So the EU server merge -- excuse me, server fusion -- that we reported on this past July has come and gone. Unfortunately, it...

SoulWorker is merging all European servers into one shard

There's a bit of a joke in the Massively OP office about how studios keep trying to top each other in coming up with...

Aion’s European version releases 7.0 update with new region and Artist spec

Happy patch day, Aion folks eastward across the pond! Gameforge has dropped the entirety of the 7.0 update upon you today with a new...

MMO Cartographer: Visiting Runes of Magic for its 10th anniversary

Runes of Magic turned 10 earlier this year, and when I saw a 10-year-old screenshot come up in my Facebook memories, I felt as...

The Daily Grind: What makes you dismiss an MMO without ever trying it?

I would say that I'm generally -- generally -- a fairly open person when it comes to trying out MMORPGs and other games. I...