Swords of Legends Online’s latest event pits players against a spooky Ghost Bride


Swords of Legends Online apparently knows how to intrigue me: with glowy green ghosts. Gameforge has announced the Hungry Ghost Festival, a rather compelling way to sneak in some spooks ahead of the looming Halloween season in the form of a five-part questline that sees players investigating a spectral bride and her entourage.

“Like the warmth of summer is coming to an end so does life slowly vanish in deep mist,” Gameforge begins ominously, flashlight surely hovering under its chin as it spins its campfire tale.

“The gate to the life-after is open during this time of change – the Hungry Ghost Event begins. Strange things happen in the Rancourwood of Weichuan Highlands. Whispers tell the appearance of a bride, carried by pale and expressionless figures in a palanquin of red flowers, is connected to them: every time the alarming group appears thick fog forms and one can hear a chant that shakes to the core. The Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern found out the bride who is hiding her face is an evil ghost who collects relics for the Zhongyuan machine. Her goal is to be in control of the specters and to increase her magical power. Recently the Ghost Bride’s magic became stronger and she became a danger to innocent specters. To weaken her magical power the Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern created a barrier to keep her and the evil specters she dominates in the Rancourwood in the Weichuan Highlands. Time is tight and the infernal quest is an ordeal yet the Envoy of Turquoise Lantern asks you, Immortals, for help in these dark times.”

The event is live today and runs through September 8th, at which point SOLO will be done with Halloween and the Christmas events can start. This is a joke. (Hopefully?)

Source: Patch notes
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