Path of Exile outlines nerfs to Archnemesis defensive modifiers, promises to explain Kalandra balance changes soon


While much of the conversation from the Path of Exile playerbase has been about item drops, another matter has been on the minds of fans: the defensive mods that Archnemesis enemies from the Sentinel league spawn in with. This brings us to Grinding Gear Games’ latest update preview, which lists a variety of nerfs coming to these mods.

The tuning runs a pretty broad spectrum of nerfs, with some effects being reduced from as high as 80% down to 50% and certain resistances and immunities being removed altogether – the list of proposed changes is pretty granular in true GGG patch notes fashion.

According to the post, the intention for these tweaks is to stop NPC defensive mod stacking from being too punitive, particularly for builds that are crafted around a specific elemental damage type. “We want defensive modifiers to exist, and these implicitly make rare monsters harder for certain builds to kill. However, we absolutely agree that it’s frustrating when multiple similar mods stack together and extend the length of the fight exponentially,” the post reads in part.

Circling back to the matter of item drop tweaks, this announcement notes at the end that another update post is expected soon that will attempt to explain why GGG made the balance changes it did for this expansion; it would have been sooner, but by the team’s admission, “it has been a bit of a week.”

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