The MOP Up: Astroneer’s trains chug-a-choo-choo onto the Switch


Trains in space? Hey, why not! Astroneer brought the fun of high-tech rail transport to the Nintendo Switch this past week: “Enjoy building rail systems, mobile rail bases, and the entirely new mission chain!”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Fiesta Online’s latest patch opened the Night Stalkers Hideout: “Deep down in the mines of the Celestial Gardens the mischievous bandits have started to temper with corruption and lured one of the ancient ogres Kalzar into their hideout. In their lair they forge and craft items with immense power and experiment on creatures to see if the corruption can be used to build an army for them.”

Webzen is launching R2M in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao on July 26th. And speaking of SEA, MU Origin 3 is launching here on July 27th.

Neverwinter’s latest patch added some new rewards and purchases for the summer festival.

MU Online pushed out Season 17 Part 1 with two new characters — the orb-using Lemuria and the white wizard Kundun Mephis — as well as a new season on the speed server.

Ship upgrades are in the near future for Prosperous Universe.

Steam accidentally (?) let a blockchain MOBA called Fault: Elder Orb slip past its censors and launch on the platform.

Realm of the Mad God is running its Sub Zero II event through August 2nd, challenging players to beat up Frosty the Snow God. Wait, that’s Snowy the Frost God. Sorry.

NetEase announced a new first-party studio under its umbrella called Jar of Sparks, which is led by former Halo Infinite head of design.

Gameforge’s 20-year-old space MMO OGame is making the jump to mobile along with getting several big patches.

“This patch brings the newest expansion Forces From Beyond — featuring three new champions, eight new skins, and the introduction of the Star Guardian theme into Legends of Runeterra,” Riot said.

The MMO industry pumps out more and more news every year – no site could possibly cover everything. That’s why we gather together all the extras every week in The MOP Up, our a weekly compilation of MMO info we don’t want lost in the cracks of time. Send us your news bits through our tips line!
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