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Halo Infinite ends seasons after season 5, switching to short-term operations instead

We certainly wouldn't tell anyone that she isn't allowed to give a game a title that implies infinity, but since doing so inevitably makes...

The MOP Up: Coop roguelike Inkbound removes all in-game monetization

It's usually the case that a live service title adds more monetization over time, not less. But with action roguelike coop Inkbound, "less" is...

The MOP Up: Aion Classic finally gets its delicious revenge

Aion Classic unleashed Update 2.4: Stormwing's Revenge on its servers this past week: "Get ready to battle Stormwing and defeat Yamennes to loot heroic...

The MOP Up: Gamescom and QuakeCon prepare to storm August

As the end of summer approaches (ack! how?), gaming conventions rev up again - and that includes big industry galas like GamesCom and in-house...

The MOP Up: AdventureQuest 3D heads to the beach

A beach party is in full effect over at AdventureQuest 3D: "Summer is here, heroes! Bask in the thrill of adventure, collect Trophies for...

Halo Infinite showcases new weapons, maps, and cosmetics awaiting in March 7’s Season 3

For those who answered Microsoft's question of whether you're done playing Halo Infinite with a "no but some new content would be pretty dope,"...

Microsoft wonders if y’all are done playing Halo Infinite just yet

Things aren't looking too hot for the online entry of Microsoft's flagship FPS franchise. A new survey sent out to gamers from the tech...

343 Industries studio head vows that the devs will make Halo games ‘now and in the future’

Last week was a rough one for Halo Infinite fans (and an even worse one for affected employees) as Microsoft laid off around 60...

Xbox CEO tells workers gaming division job cuts ‘were painful choices’

As readers know by now, last week Microsoft cut 10,000 people from its payroll, many of whom were part of the Xbox gaming division...

Halo Infinite and Elder Scrolls Online teams were hit by Microsoft’s 10,000-person layoff

Yesterday's Microsoft layoffs were just as bad as anticipated - 10,000 jobs slashed in one day - and it gets worse for gamers, as...
Oh, good, you're finally awake.

Halo Infinite gets Skyrim’s Whiterun as a player-created map

Hey, you. You're finally awake. We thought we'd lost you in a horrible nightmare; you just kept rolling over and mumbling how Skyrim is...
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Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty claims Halo Infinite’s live service plans have fallen far short of expectations

When Halo Infinite launched, some elements of the game were not ready for prime time. Split-screen co-op was not in the game (and has...

Halo Infinite fan manages to get local co-op working through a menu glitch

Fans of Halo Infinite were shocked - shocked! - well maybe not too shocked when 343 Industries officially confirmed local co-op development is done...

Put on your shocked face: Halo Infinite has canceled local multiplayer

Just how much multiplayer Halo Infinite would include has been the subject of a lot of fuss over the last year. It didn't even...
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Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign won’t have online matchmaking, defers to third-party tools as a solution

The long-awaited campaign co-op feature for Halo Infinite is on its way, but when it releases it's going to be missing a feature that...

The MOP Up: Astroneer’s trains chug-a-choo-choo onto the Switch

Trains in space? Hey, why not! Astroneer brought the fun of high-tech rail transport to the Nintendo Switch this past week: "Enjoy building rail...

Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op is available for testing until August 1

Playing with friends is fun - and it's the crux of the kinds of experiences we report on here - but most of the...
Holy holy.

Betawatch: Overwatch 2’s release will be warm… and mandatory

So with all of the changes coming with Overwatch 2, maybe you were thinking of just sticking with the original version of the game...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online answers High Isle lore queries

The release of Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle this month brought a whole lot of additional story and lore into the game -- and...
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Halo Infinite is finally starting beta tests for its co-op mode

Despite the name, Halo Infinite decidedly felt like Halo Finite at launch if you were expecting to go into it with a co-op partner....