Swords of Legends Online opens new raid and heads to the beach for its first birthday


No, you’re not just seeing things: Swords of Legends Online’s Realm of Hallucinations is live this week. The raid zone is “a realm connected to the Realm of Light and in the grasslands outside of Tianlu City,” according to Gameforge. “[A] thousand years ago a flock of demons fell here yet another giant demon now revolts once more under the influence of the Biyouji.” Normal mode is open as of last night, while those who prefer easy mode will be waiting until the unlock on Sunday.

In the meantime, the game’s first anniversary events begin today, so put on your bikini and your bunny ears because we’re going to the beach. “From Thursday, July 14th 06:00 am until Thursday, August 4th 06:00 am summer is calling on Dragon Turtle Beach,” Gameforge says. Here’s what to expect when it comes to “funny beach games”:

Through the Clouds and the Storm – Daily Quest: Do you need refreshments? Run through as many cooling balls as possible. The more you get, the more points you receive.
Treasure Hunt – Daily Quest: Somewhere hidden in the sand a great treasure awaits you!
Shells in the Sand – Daily Quest: Collect the mussels in the sand so tourists won’t accidentally step on them.
Duck Fight PvP – Daily Quest: Player-Duck vs Player-Duck or… Duck-Player vs Duck-Player (what the duck?!)? An epic battle awaits! Which water bird will succeed and rule the beach? Exchange your tokens for various event rewards like for the new yellow swimsuit. And if you have enough Fat Duck Fragments you can even get a Fat Duck Pet. Who wouldn’t love that?”

Source: Steam
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